Dental implants are a permanent replacement for lost teeth. Whereas dentures are removable, implants are permanently affixed to your jaw.

Implants are becoming more popular because they avoid many of the common problems that denture wearers have. Implants cannot slip out of place, and do not require special care. Instead, you can treat them as normal teeth that you would brush and floss.

What are the Benefits of Implants?
• Appearance
• Comfort
• Durability
• Food Freedom
• Speech
• Convenience
• Self-Esteem

Do Implants Interfere with Eating?
Dental implants make eating easier than dentures, so you can still enjoy all your favorite foods! They also are more durable, and do not interfere with speech like dentures can.

Are Implants Uncomfortable?
Dentures can be a hassle to maintain and slippage is a concern, but because implants are actually part of your oral cavity, they do not come with the discomfort associated with dentures.