Sometimes it may be necessary to have a tooth extracted, commonly known as having a tooth “pulled.” Although teeth are made to last a lifetime, many adults require extractions.

Depending on the nature of the reason for extraction, the extent of extraction can vary. Sometimes just a single tooth needs to be removed, while in other cases multiple extractions will be needed.

When is Extraction Needed?
There are many reasons why teeth may need to be extracted. Some of those reasons are:

  • Infected Teeth
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Badly Damaged Teeth

How Does an Extraction Work?
First, anesthetic is given to numb the area needing extraction. Sometimes the um or bone tissue will need to be manipulated, while other times that will not be necessary. Through the use of special tools, the tooth is removed and then the socket is treated so that it will heal properly.

What Do I Do After an Extraction?
Proper care is essential to make sure you heal properly after an extraction. Take any medication as prescribed, and make sure to use gauze and ice as needed to control bleeding and inflammation. Eat soft foods and avoid suction like with straws. You can also rinse your mouth with salt solution to keep it clean.