A crown is a prosthetic for your tooth that helps restore normal function to your teeth. Essentially, a crown is a cap that is put on a damaged or decayed tooth to restore it’s integrity, size, or appearance.

The crown is adhered to the natural tooth surface with a special cement and is virtually indistinguishable from regular teeth. This is a very helpful procedure that helps many people smile with confidence!

Who May Need a Crown?
There are several reasons someone may need a crown placed on their tooth. Some of them include:

  • To restore broken or worn down teeth
  • To protect teeth from decay or disease
  • To support structurally weak teeth
  • To cover discolored or misshaped teeth

How Does Crown Placement Work?
An impression of your teeth will be taken to make sure your crown fits properly. The impression will be used to create the crown, at which point we can affix it to your tooth using a special type of adhesive.

How Do I Care for my Crown?
Though you may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold after getting a crown, that will be gone in a few days. From then on, you should treat your crown like a normal tooth and apply the same care you would to your other teeth.