You may have seen people wearing clear braces, which are rapidly growing in popularity. These braces are convenient alternative to traditional metal braces.

Because clear braces are removable, they present many benefits compared to traditional braces. They are also appealing to people because of their improved cosmetic appearance. Most people can’t even tell when someone is wearing them!

How Do Clear Braces Work?
An impression will be made of your teeth so that we can specially mold aligners that fit your teeth. You will then wear the aligners for a designated period of time as they gently move your teeth in position. Then you will swap the aligners for new ones that continue the movement of the teeth to the desired place.

Can I Eat Anything I Want?
Clear braces are removable, so you can eat normally! While it is best for your teeth to avoid sugary and acidic foods, clear braces give you the freedom to eat foods that you cannot with clear braces. Simply remove the aligners when you eat, and put them back in after you brush and floss when done with your meal or snack.

How Long Do I Have to Wear Them?
It is recommended that wear your aligners all the time, removing them for eating and other activities where you do not want to have them. Depending on how much your teeth need to move, the process is typically done in about 12 months, approximately half the time needed for traditional braces!